About Us

The Karpel Foundation is a 501c3 Private Foundation that does not currently engage in or intend to engage in any fundraising activities. It will be funded solely by contributions from its founder, Jeff L. Karpel.


However, the distribution of these funds will be managed by a board of Elected Prosecutors through the approval of grant applications that meet its mission statement. Below are a few examples.


1. Reducing the time to prosecute felons

Research may show it currently takes approximately 1 year to prosecute a felony in your county. A grant could purchase desktop scanners for 30% of our staff so you no longer rely on paper file folders to try cases within 12 months. Eliminating file folders so that information is always available in court will reduce the time necessary to prosecute a felon to 6 months.


 2. Reducing the cost of prosecution

 Research may show your office currently spends approximately $50,000 on copier contracts, office supplies and data entry personnel to manually receive law enforcement referrals. A grant could purchase an electronic law enforcement interface to eliminate the bulk of manual data entry. With this interface, we would reduce our multiple copier contracts to only one and allow one of our data entry personnel to retire.


3. Ensuring Transparency and Accountability

Your office currently does not provide electronic data to the public regarding judge rulings as it pertains to prosecutor recommendations. A grant could purchase the implementation of a Community Based Prosecution website similar to the one currently functioning in the City of St. Louis, Missouri. This information will give the public the information necessary to better protect their neighborhoods while retaining good judges and eliminating weak judges in the upcoming elections.